About Me

Hi there, I am Wee Hoe. I am a Personal Trainer for over 6 years and an amateur writer who wants to help more people through my posts. 

What fuels me to continue this journey is the connection I have made with my clients and other like-minded people in this industry. I am also fortunate to have met wonderful teachers who spark my interest in continuing to further my understanding that I can be more than just a Personal Trainer to my clients. 

When I first started, I always thought getting my clients to reach their goals is my job. Have you ever talked to your trainer and then he went like this, “Alright, you want to lose 10kg by 3 months. So you need to workout 3 times, eat 4-6 mini meals, sleep 8 hours, no drinking, no sweets, no snacks and you gotta do IF.” And you just got turned off by it because he wasn’t listening to you at all! And I was that trainer! I cringed while I thought of those times, but I am glad that most clients still stay on and they constantly give me opportunities to grow to serve them better.

Gone were the days where I instructed my clients just on the exercises, sets and reps. Clients aren’t robots. They are human beings with emotions and in need of connections. They have their limitations and strengths. They have their underlying needs and wants. Most importantly, they want to be listened to. 

The real aim of any goal (e.g. weight loss) isn’t just because of how you want to look on the outside (but what you want to feel on the inside). There are underlying reasons:

  1. My dad suffered from HBP and High cholesterol and I DON’T WANT to be living in pain like him. I WANT to be able to enjoy life without medications.
  2. I WANT to be more confident in my clothes.
  3. I WANT to feel energetic, and I am tired of being lethargic.
  4. I WANT to be strong and mobile so I can keep up with my grandkids. 
  5. I WANT to work and play without back and neck aches. Those aches are killing me!
  6. I WANT to enjoy the food I love without guilt. 

And of course, these are only some examples I am hearing constantly. I believe you have your own story that you want to tell and more importantly, to be heard without being judged.

So, for anyone who wants to learn tips and strategies on how to live, feel, and move better, and especially for people who want to be heard, this blog is FOR YOU.