Strategies on how to increase movement (Part 1)

Interestingly, most clients are sharing that they had to work longer hours at home compared to at the office. They also reported that they find themselves not moving a lot while working from home. So what can you do? 

Are you working from home or living at work?

So, to give you an idea of how coaching works for me and my clients, this is what happened during a call with my client.

As you read through the conversation, you will realise that sometimes what seems to be the problem initially, ain’t the real challenge. Go through the conversation as if I’m talking to you and see what it does for you.

*C refers to Client
*M refers to Me 

C: “How to clock my 10k steps daily? When I WFH (work from home), I only end work at 7.30pm most of the days.”

M: “You notice the benefits of doing 10k steps consistently. And you want to experience the similar benefits while doing it at home.”

C: “Yes. So how to do the 10k when I am only free up to do some exercise probably from 7pm onwards? I am really deskbound once I login at 8.15am.”

M: “Do you want to experience the benefits of doing 10k steps or do you want to do 10k steps?”

C: “I want the benefits.”

M: “Tell me what are the benefits you were referring to.”

C: “I feel better, more energetic and less cranky.”

M: “Describe to me a time when you are working from home, and yet you managed to feel these benefits.”

C: “Hmm. It was just before the circuit breaker. I did 3 times of 45min jogging on the spot while watching shows. I also did my push up routine at the start of the day.”

W: “It sounds like you were determined and you had a plan.”

C: “Yeah but now I couldn’t do 3 times of 45min like what I did previously.”

M: “Okay. So you find it hard to do what you did but you are looking for ways to increase movement throughout the day.”

C: “Yes.”

M: “Okay. Let’s brainstorm some ideas together to open up some possibilities for yourself. No idea is a bad idea. We aren’t going to evaluate any of these ideas. We will brainstorm till we have 5-6 ideas. I have some ideas but I would like to hear from you first. So let’s start with you.”

C: “Planking? But it’s like not doing anything.”

M: “Again, we aren’t evaluating. Okay. Planking. What else?”

C: “Do my pushups.”

M: “What else?”

C: “I’m not sure.”

M: “Can I suggest something?”

C: “Yes please.”

M: “Set alarms. Every 1-2hour of working, you will stand up/change your position.”

C: “That sounds good. Okay I thought of using my lunch break to do workouts.”

M: “What else?”

C: “I can also do some workouts after work.”

M: “Now, you are on the roll. What else?”

C: “I can’t think of any more.”

M: “Do you mind if I give my suggestion?”

C: “No, please.”

M: “Use a smaller drinking glass. So whenever you finish, you gotta stand up and walk to the kitchen to fill up.”

C: “I didn’t think of that! I can also use that time to do some light mobility drills!”

M: “That’s quite a lot of ideas that you came up with! Again, these are all ideas. You can choose to use any of them and work on it, or just put it aside.”

C: “I will try the workouts during lunch and after work. Setting an alarm for every 1-2 hours seems doable too. I will give it a shot and update you!”

What’s it that you are looking for? Ways to walk 10k or ways to experience the benefits of being active?

While we think of strategies to increase movement (behaviour), there’s a few considerations:

  1. It’s better to adopt a “doing something is better than nothing” mindset instead of “all or none” mindset. Start small and work your way up. 
  2. Set up your environment for success. If you want to do push ups, but if the space around you is cluttered, you have a lower chance of doing it UNLESS you clear space for it.
  3. Use your current routine as triggers for your behaviour. For eg, “When I go fill up my glass of water (trigger), I will do a set of mobility circuit (behaviour).”
  4. Celebrate your progress (not outcome). When you act on your behaviour, pat yourself on the back or even take that moment to experience what’s happening within yourself. 

Hope this sparks some ideas for yourself too! 

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