Strategies on how to increase movement (Part 2)

I was talking to another client after our virtual training and she was mentioning she was feeling neck tension, backaches, and even felt like she was putting on weight. And she couldn’t find time to exercise. So, I thought this post will be a good continuation from Part 1.

From what I observed, most people tend to think that in order to get fit and healthy, they have to work out for a minimum of an hour each time. And while it’s a good start for people who don’t do much activity, we got to understand that the rest of the 23 hours of the day are as important or even more important than the 1 hour of workout. Being active itself is a skill and gotta be practiced often. If you want to get better at math/science/guitar or anything, you probably want to practice it as often as possible.

I want to get good at math, but I don’t want to get good at it.

I also realized that I am saying this more often – “It’s better to be active for 5 min 12 times a day than just be active for 1 straight hour.” And no, I am not saying that your 1-hour workouts aren’t good, but if you think that you can only make an impact when you have that 1 hour to spare, then you probably won’t do anything much. The fact is that in this current situation, work is only piling up with deadlines getting shorter.

So what can we do about it?

Find your triggers within your current routine!

What I mean is to find things that you are already doing and then add an activity/behaviour right after. Let’s give you some examples.

After I finished brushing my teeth (trigger), I will do a set of push ups (behaviour).

While I am waiting for the computer to start up (trigger), I will do a set of mobility drills (behaviour).

After I finished refilling my glass of water in the kitchen (trigger), I will do a set of lunges (behaviour).

After going for my toilet break (trigger), I will do a set of breathing drill (behaviour).

Think of what’s happening consistently in your routine and you will be surprised that there are many possibilities and opportunities for you to be active!

You are being active and taking in more water at the same time!

Why just feel great once when you can feel great 10 times?

M – Me
C – Client

M: “By then, when you were more active before CB, how will you normally feel after you finish your exercises/workouts? How does it impact my work productivity?”

C: “I felt great, and find myself having less tension. I find myself able to focus on my work better.”

M: “And think about it, you get to feel great once you finished your exercises and it has a positive impact in your work productivity. From what we brainstormed just now, we came up with 10 triggers/opportunities for you to feel great and productive daily just by doing less than 5 min of activity.”

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