Manage your expectations (during circuit breaker)

Before the circuit breaker, you were active and fit. You felt energetic and productive. You strength train 2 times a week and run 2 times a week. And your goal was to lose a couple of kilos and maintain this healthy habit.

During circuit breaker, things changed. You feel restricted, lethargic, and brain fog. You tried to maintain your healthy habit but your family members advised you not to run outside because it may risk your life (and theirs). You don’t have access to gym equipment and find that bodyweight exercises have a limit. You find yourself couldn’t maintain the goals that you set before the circuit breaker and you just rather not do anything.

Does this happen to you? It sure does for one of my clients.

No, you don’t lack discipline. You lacked clarity.

He mentioned he really couldn’t find the time to exercise. And he sounded like he wanted to exercise but can’t come up with the strategy to keep up with his goals, because the biggest challenge that he can’t seem to overcome is leaving his 5-year-old boy alone for even 1 min.

If you were him, how will you react if I told you that you are giving excuses and you have no discipline? Definitely pissed! Will you do something about it? Probably not! So definitely not a good way of picking on him.

But of course, I truly believed he has his hands tight. And my role as a coach is to work together with him to help him see things from a different perspective.

I told him this, “What may work for you then, may not be working for you now. Let’s see what we can do to get you feeling the way you want.”

Manage your expectations

There’s a few things that I get him to realise during the call:

  1. The situation now is different and he can’t possibly have the same goals as before the circuit breaker. The goals have to be modified.
  2. He can still experience similar benefits as running and strength training at home.
  3. He doesn’t need a full hour for each workout session.
  4. He can always start something that’s manageable and build up from there.
  5. Take it as an experiment and have fun.

This is what he got away at the end of our call:

  1. He understands that his fitness level will drop during this period but his goal now is to be as active as possible because doing something is better than not doing anything.
  2. He identifies there’s a window of opportunity for him when his boy has his afternoon nap.
  3. He will start off by doing 15min of workout. He even comes up with a plan on what he will do!
  4. He will start slow and build up the frequency.
  5. He regains control of himself.

Take action! Experiment and have fun!

6 May
9 May
Update: 22 May


Circuit breaker definitely will disrupt your routine and goals. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle that impedes you, see it as an opportunity to discover more about yourself. Once you see it as an opportunity, you will find yourself being able to navigate around this period easier.

2 thoughts on “Manage your expectations (during circuit breaker)”

  1. Insightful! I felt lost and upset during this circuit breaker, I did the other 99 things really well except this 1 thing — and this 1 thing has always been a huge part of my life that keeps me going through both the good and bad times and it is no other than, working out regularly. Circuit breaker has made me feel crippled but your article made me feel like I’m no longer alone. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Joey! A situation like this will arise which will throw us off our routine. How we choose to respond to the situation will either put us in the driver or passenger seat. I wish you luck!

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