Master your skills to sleep better

To achieve sustainable results, you have to master your skills. And mastery requires you to practice with intention.

The skills I am referring to are the habits you want to form that allows you to achieve what you want.

Let’s say you want to sleep better because you know sleep can influence your weight loss. The skill IS NOT aiming to sleep for 7-8 hours. The skill refers to what you can do to help you to sleep 7-8 hours. Skill refers to the HOW and not the WHAT.

1) Choose your skill(s)

So in this context, the skill(s) can be:

  1. Write a To-do list before sleep.
  2. Deep breathing exercise for 10min before sleep.
  3. Write 3 things you are grateful for before sleep.
  4. 10-15min of low-intensity movements in the evening to unwind yourself.
  5. Put away all screens 30min before you sleep, etc.

After you have identified the skill(s) you want to work on, it’s time to practice it. The key to mastery is frequency. I understand we all have busy schedules so in order for you to practice often is to start small and have a baseline, so even on your busiest days, you are still able to practice it.

2) Set a baseline

So let’s say you are to pick “Deep breathing exercise for 10min before sleep.”, and you find it tough to do this at first, you can always start at where you are most comfortable at. It can just be 1min of deep breathing. Set this as the baseline, so even on your worst days, you can still be successful after completing the 1min of deep breathing exercise.

3) Practice with intention! (And feel successful)

Practice with intention means you aren’t just going through the motion. You understand why you are practising certain skills and you have the autonomy to modify the skill along the way.

Had a bad day? Let’s just practice at the baseline – 1min of deep breathing, and celebrate your small win for the night!

Still feeling energetic? Let’s see how long you can practice for!

You were crushing your skills for the last week? Let’s set the baseline higher or you can just keep the baseline and continue crushing it! It’s really up to you!


I hope through this post, it gives you some ideas on how you can approach your goals. You HAVE the power to make it fun or daunting.

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